Monday, November 8, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 11-8-10

All Commissioners present. After routine business, Rich Vargo gave the YTD Expenditure and Budge reports. As of end of October, 83.33% of the year has elapsed. A few departments or funds are over 83% of budget, but none are out of line enough to cause problems. If some departments need to exceed 100% at year's end, budget amendments will be necessary, but there are funds in General fund allowed for such cases.
Pat Collins. Emergency Services, said he will arrange the car for Commissioners to ride in the Veterans Day Parade Thursday. Ms McCulloh volunteered to drive.
Chris Welchhans, GIS Director, discussed projects his department has been working on and meetings he has attended and/or organized.He distributed samples of a few of the maps they produce.More than 10,000 out of approx 15,000 address points have been completed for Manhattan City. The software upgrade continuts.
At the press conference, Paul Miller, of Tuttle Creek Lake Association, presented a certificate of appreciation to the Commissioners for their in preserving and improving the Rocky Ford Fishing Area, protecting natural resources and providing
a recreation area for generations to come. He particularly cited Mr. Johnson for his efforts.
Jennifer Wilson, Extension, reminded those on Medicare that open enrollment for prescription plans is from Nov 15 to Dec 30. This year there are 30 plans in Kansas to choose from, down from 45 last year. But all coverage has been maintained. For help, go to or 1-800-MEDICARE or Area Agency on Aging 776-9294.
Gregg Eyestone, Extension, said to keep watering unless it rains. Desired moisture level is 12" Roots should be wet before freeze.
Leon Hobson gave a road report. Eureka Drive has 15 working days (nominally) to completion.
Rich Vargo said Riley County had 42% turnout for the Nov 2 election.He said Geary and Riley Counties have lowest official turnout rates mostly because of our transient populations. State law does not allow expungement except after two general lections (4 years) unless they receive notice from voter him/herself. (They do keep up on obituaries.)
Mr. Kearns announced Veterans Day activities this Thursday, beginning with $4.00 breakfast open to public. The parade begins at 9:30, from Town Center to City Building. At 11:00 public is invited to ceremony at City Hall Auditorium and at 6:00 American Legion sponsors a banquet honoring all veterans. He urged the public to participate in honoring our veterans.
Ms McCulloh. urged all people to get their flu shots. This year's vaccine includes seasonal and H1N1. There has already been one fatality from flue in Kansas this year.
Jolene Keck, County Clerk's Office, directed the canvass of votes in Nov 2 election. For those provisional ballots that were not accepted, a reason was given (mostly because voter was not registered; there were two cases of people trying to vote after they had already voted. These were caught in the routine operations, demonstrating the protections and safeguards which are now in place preventing voter fraud.) Approx 67% of provisional ballots were accepted. Commissioner voted 3-0 to accept and certify the results of the election .
Johnette Shepek, Budget officer, requested Commissioners choice of 15 or 20 year term on large bond issue. She explained that going with 15 years would cause County to come up with about $26,000 extra the first year, but over term they would save nearly $280,000. Commissioners chose 15-year term, 3-0.
Write-in Board will meet today at 2:00 (not enough ballots to change any races).
No RE Bd of Commissioners mtg on Thrusday. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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