Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riley County Commission mtg 3-17-11

All Commissioners present. In routine business, Commissioners gave final approval (3-0) to expenditures of $12,700 to purchase new software for annual maintenance for ESRI for GIS and of $218,686 for the new telephony system (VOIP).
Greg McClure, Extension, reported on "Annie's Project," a seminar for Women in Agriculture. Twenty-five women were in attendance, including 12 from Riley County. Other participants included women from eastern and western counties as well as nearby counties. They heard presentations on several topics, including business management, financial statements, leases, estate planning, and communication skills. The project will probably be repeated next year.
Ginny Barnard, Extension, said "Walk Kansas" is underway, with 95 teams, over 600 people participating. They now have also resistance training. Get a resistance band for $1.00. The program ends on May 18, with a celebration at Pottorff Hall at 5:30.
Gregg Eyestone, Extension, said today is the day to plant potatoes and peas. Master Gardener trained 7 new candidates. Thirty-seven Master Gardeners have carried over. It is not a lifetime title, but must be renewed periodically. They will have a new training session in the Fall--a State sponsored program at KSU. Gardener outreach involves many hours, many people, much value. A workshop on April 2 "Back to Gardening" will be at UFM Community Center. There will be several educational presentations and a plant swap from 9:00 to 1:00.
Clancy Holeman, County Counselor, conducted an Administrative Work Session.The KAC has notified Riley County of Legislative activity. HB227 would remove post-sentence supervision of DUI offenders to County Community Corrections from State Dept. of Corrections. Holeman notified our Legislators that Riley County is opposed to this. KAC has suggested one amendment to the 911 bill: a small increase in the line fee. About 25 amendments have been lined up to "dump" on this bill. These would make compromises very difficult. Riley County opposes these, except for the one proposed by KAC. Holeman will attend a meeting at 1:00 today concerning fixed AtA routes within the City. Interlocal agreements are needed for AtA with the County, City, and KSU.
Laurie Harrison, Emergency Management Coordinator, presented the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan which her group has compiled with a 2007 Grant. It is meant to lessen the effects of various natural hazards (apparently including only natural hazards , not accidents at NBAF or KSU nuclear reactor). The plan is multi-jurisdictional, including City, three School districts, KSU, Ft. Riley, County small cities and Riley County. All entities except Riley County have passed resolutions adopting the plan. Commissioners asked to receive written copies of the nineteen items relating to Riley County and will plan to adopt it by resolution next Thursday. Clancy Holeman reuested time to study plan for legal implications.
Meeting to be adjourned following special Law Board Meeting this evening. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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