Monday, April 11, 2011

Riley County Commission mtg 4-11-11

All Commissioners present. After routine business, Rich Vargo, County Clerk, gave the YTD Budget and Expenditures report. Again, all departments are more or less within acceptable limits. RCPD may have a problem later with medical expenses: prescription drug costs have spiked, and one inmate requires dialysis treatment.
Chris Welchhans, GIS Director, gave an update on his department's activities. They have plotted two new subdivisions and continue to search records for errors to be corrected. Welchhans went to a meeting in Wamego to discuss plans to place back-up data in Pottawattomi County in case of large emergency (e.g. tornado). Riley County has the ability to assist other Counties who do not have the resources Riley Co. has. The boundaries for offering assistance should probably be those of Flint Hills Regional Planning Organization, McCullogh suggested. Welchhans agreed in principle.
Rod Meredith, Asst Dir of Public Works, announced the ribbon-cutting ceremony to take place on Wed., April 13 at the site on Tuttle Creek Blvd.This ceremony marks the official "opening" of the Resourceful Kansas site. Several distinguished guests will be in attendance, including KS Governor Brownback, a representative of US Department of Energy, representative of the architectural/engineering firm involved in installing the energy-efficient systems, and Kansas State University experts. The site has solar panels, LED and solar street lighting, a waste oil furnace, four wind turbines, efficient lighting and heating measures, etc. The ceremony is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend.
Meredith announced that Deep Creek Road will be closd tomorrow, April 12, for the entire day to replace a culvert.
Doug Messer, Asst Riley County Fire Chief, said that no firefighters were called to duty this weekend (remarkable in present conditions) because ALL the agricultural people in the County cooperated with the no-burn policy ("Red Flag" conditions). The cooperative system worked out 10 years ago continues to work well. When wind is 20 mph or more and humidity is 20% or lower, it is a dangerous condition. Some selective burn permits have been issued since 7:00 Sunday evening, when wind had decreased and humidity increased. (Apparently a NW wind, which arose about then, is very advantageous and rare,)
Ms Mccullogh presented a plaque of appreciation to Tom Finney for his years of service as Township Clerk in Zeandale. He has also served on Sr. Center Board, Zoning Appeals, Park Advisory, and County Council on Aging.
Jolene Keck, Clerk's Office, presided over presentation of election results from April 5. There were 69 accepted provisional ballots (one partial). Almost all provisional ballots were recommended for acceptance. of those rejected, all but one were rejected because was not registered in Riley County. The one other was rejected because the voter had already cast an IVO vote at another polling place. Such attempts are easily caught by the system in place. Rich Vargo oversaw the electronic counting of those provisional ballots accepted. No changes were made in previously announced victories. Write-ins from provisionals will be counted by a special board to be certified Thursday. Commissioners certified (as the Board of Canvassers) the results of the election, 3-0.
Approved adjournment to occur at end of County Officials Luncheon. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg

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