Monday, February 13, 2012

USD 383 Board of Education

Feb. 1, 2012
Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

The board was presented with construction documents for MHS East Campus. When the design was in the development phase, components of the project were re-prioritized in order to focus on completing areas of the building. For example, interior water damage will be repaired in conjunction with addressing how water was entering the building. The bulk of the work to be done at East Campus will be in the gym, including improving the locker rooms, restrooms, and the exterior panels and insulation. The board approved 7-0 the construction documents.

Dr. Bob Seymour, Associate Superintendent, reported that the district's mid-year enrollment showed an increase of 65 students compared to September's enrollment numbers.

The board discussed in second reading the proposed redistricting plan. Board members were in agreement in regards to the proposed plan and discussed whether to "grandfather" current 5th and 7th grade students and allow them to stay at their current schools for next year. Only a small number of 7th graders will be switching middle schools, so the board was open to allowing those students to remain at their same middle schools for 8th grade. Higher numbers of 5th graders would be affected, and board members' opinions varied between placing a higher priority on 5th grade transfer requests and discouraging transfer requests altogether. The board approved the redistricting plan 7-0 and planned to discuss transfers further at the Feb. 15th meeting.

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