Saturday, May 26, 2012

BOCC May 24, 2012

BOCC May 24, 2012

All commissioners present

A representative from Kansas State Bank was present to explain why KSB will be removing the ATM from the lobby. All ATM’s are supposed to be compliant with new ADA regulations.. This is an older ATM and cannot be upgraded .Putting in a new one would cost between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars. The only income from this ATM is the fee charged to non KSB card users. Everyone agreed that it is a great convenience to have the ATM there for the patrons to use.

Robert Eddleston, president and CEO of Manhattan Area Technical College spoke to the Commission about MATC’s plan for the future. This is a proposal to become a community college. He presented all the positive things about such a change. However, they receive $1.65 million from the state of Kansas which provides about 65% of their operating cost. and that would be lost if MATC became a community college. To make up this loss would require an ad valorem tax increase estimated to be 3 to 4 mills. Commissioner McCulloh said that right now she couldn’t support such a mill levy increase, especially with the uncertainty of the current state budget situation.

Eddleston also asked the commissioners about forming a building commission which would be a vehicle to provide money for a new administration building. Right now everything is overcrowded. This would entail the county fronting the costs to be repaid by the college gradually. McCulloh said they “could make no promises.”

Julie Merklin, observer

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