Thursday, June 21, 2012

BOCC June 18, 2012

BOCC June 18, 2012

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Rod Meredith, parks director, told the Commissioners about a group of citizens who have organized with the aim of developing a multi-sport indoor recreational facility. This Little Apple Fieldhouse Committee is considering a location in Fairmont Park. They are asking $2500 from the County to match other funds for developing a feasibility study. They are also asking the City for the same amount, the Manhattan Community Foundation is being asked for $5000 and private donations of $10,000 are being sought to fund the $20,000 needed for the study. The Riley County Park Advisory Board voted to recommend the $2,500 if the City of Manhattan contributes $2,500. The BOCC made no commitments. There are several other items that have higher priority at this time.

Larry Couchman, during the Press Conference, said that there are a number of health and safety things people should consider when going to the Country Stampede this weekend. Be sure to stay hydrated, use sunblock, wear a hat and proper shoes, and seek shade when you can. Have an emergency plan because storms or other emergencies can occur without a lot of warning.

Susie Kufahl, Riley County Health Department Director gave an orientation to the services in the public health department.

Julie Merklin, Observer

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