Wednesday, July 18, 2012

County Commission July 16, 2012

County commission July 16, 2012

McCulloh and Johnson present

Audrey Schremmer Philip, executive Director of Three Rivers Center for Independent Living presented the financial needs for her organization, esp. the Independent Living Services Department. These services are provided at no charge to eligible individuals with disabilities. State funding has been cut. This reduces the number individuals that can get home attendant care services or help for the neediest individuals who have no funding source to pay for services. The projected deficit for this coming year is about $150,000. They have eliminated two Independent Living Specialist positions, and have employees trying to cover 2 to 3 counties. This past year more than 160 Riley county residents received services from Three Rivers. Three Rivers is requesting $20,000.

McCulloh emphasized that so many financial responsibilities have been transferred by the State administration to the local level. Riley County is presently working on its budget.

Kristi Ingalls announced the upcoming American Reed Cross blood drives and stressed the need for both O-positive and O-negative blood.

Jennifer Wilson said that the Riley County Fair will be from July 26 to July 30.

Gary Rosewicz said that Dennison Avenue will be having “chip seal” work from Marlatt to Kimball and to expect some delays.

Rich Vargo, county clerk, spoke about the upcoming August 7 primary elections. There will be advance voting by mail starting July 18th. Applications are available on the county website or can be requested by phone.

. He emphasized the new need for photo ID when voting. I asked him how that worked with voting by mail and he said that a drivers’ license number would suffice as ID. (I didn’t ask what one did if they didn’t have a drivers’ license)

Advance voting in person at the at the county office, second floor, begins July 24.

Julie Merklin, observer

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