Wednesday, December 18, 2013

County commission Dec. 16, 2013

County commission 12/16/13

All commissioners present.
Bids were opened for a tractor/ loader/backhoe for the Public Works department.  The bids were referred to staff for evaluation.

Johnette Shepek presented amendments to the 2013 budget for approval.

During the press conference, Eileen King, county Treasurer, reminded people that the first half of property tax is due Dec 20 and delineated the several ways they can be paid.  John Allard updated the commission on the Riley County Council on Aging.  Commission Chairman, Dave Lewis announced holiday office hours- closing at noon on Dec. 24 through the 25 and Jan 1.  Only the treasurer's office will close on noon on the 31 to do end-of-the-year tasks.

Greg Lund, Parks Manager reviewed the CiCo park master plan, discussing the responsibilities of the county, city of Manhattan, and school district 383.

Gary Stith and Bill Clark explained the comprehensive economic development strategy and the FlintHills Development District.  It is a regional effort involving 19 counties and stretches south from Marysville and Marshall County, includes  Riley County, and extends to the  Oklahoma border.  There will be many public informational meetings .

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