Monday, July 28, 2014

Riley County Commission July 28, 2014

Joan Strickler, observer

Riley County Commission July 28, 2014

Commissioners Wells, Boyd and Lewis present, Boyd presiding.

During informal update reports it was mentioned a couple of persons at the County Fair complained about the minutes of Commission meetings.

It also was reported that, at a meeting of a committee of the local Chamber of Commerce, most members expressed no opposition to the County’s creating a public building commission.  It appears there have been few if any expressions of opposition from Chamber members in general.

County Health Department Director Brenda Nichols reported on an arrangement with K-State’s Child Development Program involving a lease on space in the Family and Child Resource Center on Claflin.  The University has been utilizing the space even though the most recent contract, written in 2012, had never been signed.  The rental amount of $2.77 has been considerably below today’s rate standards.  The Commissioners agreed that the Health Department offer K-State a new lease for one year but at today’s cost rate of $10 a square foot.

County Clerk Rich Vargo reported 514 ballots have been requested for mail in vote and more than 500 persons have advance voted.  He said the average turnout for State and local elections usually amounts to about 20% voter participation. 

County Treasurer Eileen King was awarded a plaque and thanked for her 30 years of service to Riley County.  King is retiring as County Treasurer on August 1.

Community Corrections Director Shelly Williams discussed her plans for meeting her agency’s needs in view of funding cuts.  She has proposed eliminating the COLA and merit increase for her salary this coming year and taking $12,115 out of the $30,000 held in the Department’s emergency fund.  The Commissioners thanked Williams and commended her for her leadership.

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