Wednesday, September 17, 2014

County commission

Riley County Commission Sept 15, 2024

Commissioners Boyd and Lewis present.

Shilo Heger, county treasurer gave her staff report.  Comparing sales tax receipts, she reported August (June sales) 2013 as $132,744.84 and for 2014 $148,268.98, up $15,524.84.  Year to date for 2013 sales tax receipts were $1,697,309.61 and for 2014 $1,149,607.39, down by $547,702.22.

In the press conference Lt. Erin Friedline from the RCPD discussed game-day traffic  for the Auburn football game this Thursday.  She suggested, since kick- off is 6:00 pm, avoiding major arterial roads and cited complications of school children getting home on foot and by bus as well as people going home from work.

Linda Redding, from the Health Dept.  announced a grant from the March Of Dimes of $15,000 for the Riley and Pottawatomie Counties'  Regional 'becoming a mom' Collaborative.  The reason for awarding the grant was the regions' lower infant birth outcomes.  In 2012 it was reported that 18.3% of women did not have adequate prenatal care.  This is one cause of infant mortality rate  which went from 1.8 in 2011 to 7.6 in 2012.  Prematurity rate in Riley County  is 8.1% and low birth weight is 5.7%.
The goal of the project is to provide early prenatal care by  removal of access and financial barriers, provide on-going equitable prenatal care services and comprehensive material with support.  

Julie Merklin, observer

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