Thursday, October 16, 2014

Presidents’ Message

You are planning to vote on or before November 4, right?  What about your children or grandchildren?  Will they vote?  A key excuse used by young people is that they don’t have time to do it.  Maybe they need to be reminded that they find time in their busy life to do what is really important to them, like watching their favorite shows on television, or texting their friends.  Do they really want someone else to make decisions about schools for their children, the air they breathe, or their ability to get medical help when they need it? 

These elections are about our jobs, our health, our communities, our security, and our future.   When we cast our ballot, we are participating in what is most important to us.  Candidates are asking to represent us.  Decisions they make in office will influence public policy for years to come.    Each vote helps decide who gets the job.

Here is information you can share with people who ask you as a League member for information about where and when to vote, the candidates, and their positions on important issues.

1. Read the information submitted directly by the candidates on 

2. Explore what options we have to vote early or absentee in our community if we will be away from their polling place on election day.  For local information about voting, go to .

3. If you do not live in Riley County, enter your address at to find the information you need to cast your ballot, including early and absentee voting options and locations in your state and candidate information for every voter in America.

Voting allows you to make an impact on critical issues and policies.                         

Your vote counts!

Jean Lee
Enell Foerster

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