Sunday, November 23, 2014

County commission 11/20/14

Riley county commission Nov 20, 2014

Commissioners Wells and Lewis present

Commissioners Wells and Lewis present

Debbie Regester reported on collection and distribution of Mortgage Recording Fees.  On Jan. 1 2015, the recording fees and registration fees change.

Regester also reported on the continuing re-scans of old records.  The examples of improvement in legibility were striking.

Jennifer Wilson, county extension Director explained the focus of an action plan focussing on global food security.  The concern is having enough food to feed the projected world population of 9billion.  She said studies show that 40% of food is wasted before consumption, and that consumers need education in how to prevent wasting of food.  Much ends up in the garbage.

Brad Schoen, RCPD told the commission about problems from parties at Britts Garden Acres.  The warehouse there is rented out for these events and Britts say they have no responsibility for these activities. There seems to be lack of control, and alcohol laws violated.  Schoen said that the RCPD will stay on this.

Pat Collins, emergency management director explained to the Commission the need for updating the 911 system.  The need is urgent and there is enough money in the budget specifically for this.  Estimated cost is $423,000.  Revenue for this fund comes from monthly fees on cell phone service and phone lines.  The commissioners approved.

Leon Hobson, Public Works Director told the commission that the bridge on south 32 street must be replaced because the wooden pilings that support it are rotting. This project is priority.  A State of Kansas program could fund 90% of construction and design costs.  The commission gave approval to
proceeding with design plans.

The commission convened as the health department and heard the report of
Director Brenda Nickel.

Julie Merklin, observer

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