Thursday, June 24, 2010

Riley County Commission June 24, 2010

Joan Strickler, observer

All Commissioners present, Kearns presiding.

County Attorney Barry Wilkerson said his office would be dealing with two trials next week but things generally are quieter in the summer and pick up again in the fall. A question was raised as to who has jurisdiction for crimes taking place on the NBAF federal property once the facility is built. Wilkerson replied that because the land is federal does not mean local jurisdictions cannot investigate. For instance, Riley County can be involved at Ft. Riley in certain non-military cases.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman mentioned the check pertaining to the ambulance settlement still has not been received nor has he been able to find out the amount of the check. He intends to speak to the supervisor of the person he has been dealing with.

In regard to property on Ft. Riley that may owe taxes to Riley County, he has been working with Geary County officials gathering information. He does not see any immediate answer to the issue. If it should be found that a considerable amount of property is involved, that could generate lots of tax disputes. Holeman asked that the Commissioners consider reinstating $16,000 in his budget request to allow for outside counsel in case such tax disputes occur.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to the budget development work session. One issue of concern was the need for building expansion for the emergency response team. EMS for several years has been requesting expanded space to include separate sleeping arrangements for women and men and added stalls for ambulances.

The Commission will not meet on July 5.

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