Wednesday, June 9, 2010

USD 383 Board of Education

June 2, 2010
Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

Regular meeting:
The board was presented with the schematic design plans for Roosevelt Elementary. The plans include a new gym addition and repurposing of the existing gym to be administration and the library. The board approved the schematic design 6-0.

Administration presented information regarding staffing for the 2010-11 school year, which indicated that two additional elementary teachers are needed due to increased enrollment. Teaching positions will be shifted around between schools and grade levels to accommodate changes in student numbers, with the net result being a need for two more teachers. The board approved 6-0 to hire two elementary teachers.

Board members were provided with information regarding the need to republish the district's budget. The number of students enrolled in virtual education increased, which resulted in additional funds coming from the state. The adult education program received a grant that will increase its budget authority. The number of students who qualify as "at-risk" increased, and categorical aid for special education also increased. All of these increases result in the district experiencing an increase in budget authority and a need to republish the budget. The board approved 6-0 to republish the budget and to hold a public hearing on June 16th.

Mike Ribble, Director of Technology, provided board members with information about purchasing laptop and desktop computers. During a board meeting in May, board members had directed the technology department to reduce the technology bid due to the district's budget problems. The proposed purchase for laptop computers was reduced by 17%, and the bid for desktop computers was reduced by 25%. Pete Paukstelis commented that computers are no longer luxury items but are basics like paper and pencils. Curt Herrman was concerned that the proposed bid only replaced existing computers and did not include any expansion. The board approved the recommendation 5-2, with Knopp and Pesaresi dissenting (Doug Messer joined the meeting by phone to vote on this item).

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