Thursday, July 29, 2010

Riley County Commission

July 29, 2010
Joan Strickler, observer

All Commissioners present, Kearns presiding.

Commissioner Kearns mentioned new Americans With Disabilities Act standards are coming out and will need to be studied before any new building or reconstruction is considered.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman mentioned that counties cannot charge convenience fees when accepting credit card payments. Cities and county treasurers’ offices are, by Kansas statute, allowed to do so. The Commissioners agreed that counties should pursue adding counties to that law.

Jennifer Wilson, County Extension Director, gave a report on the R. C. Fair. The 4-H entries were down, but exhibits such as photographic were up. Exhibits of vegetables and fruits remained about the same. They ran out of spaces for booth rentals very early. The carnival receipts were good, about the same as last year. The rodeo was successful with about 1700 persons attending on Thursday, 1750 on Friday and 2000 on Saturday. An estimated $41,000 exchanged hands during the livestock sale.

Public Works Director Leon Hobson said McDowell Creek Road is badly in need of some maintenance. Staff was asked to come up with a recommendation for repair work that the Commission will consider.

Commissioners voted to fund a contract with Bartlett &West for the design of reconstruction of Wildcat Creek Road.

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