Monday, August 23, 2010

Riley County Commission August 23, 2010

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Kearns and McCulloh present, Johnson absent.

Gary Grubbs, Riley County Police Department, and Bruce McMillan, architect, discussed concerns regarding security camera coverage in the newly constructed exercise area of the jail. During a safety check of the section they found a six to eight foot area where inmates could gather and not be seen. They see this as a serious security risk and would like to add additional camera coverage before that section of the jail is opened. Cost estimates were unclear and involved price of the camera, installation and wiring, plus travel for trained installers. McMillan will research the total cost figures.

Andrea Feldcamp described highlights of the 4-H program over the past year and plans for the coming year. Projects particularly popular are photography, horticulture, visual arts and robotics. The next big event scheduled is the State Fair to be held in Hutchinson, September 10-19.

Captain Tim Hegarty, who is in charge of RCPD patrol officers, reported many warnings have been given for use of cell phones while driving, and citations issued for seat belt violations. While crime tends to pick up when the students return, the most prolific offenders usually live in the Manhattan area full time. New housing inspection requirements will help in dealing with disorderly house complaints.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman reported the ATA program is requesting $250,000 in seed money to be able to access the $2M federal grant to expand transportation services. Seed money would allow construction to begin and would eventually be repaid by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Apparently the requirement for the up front investment is not unusual for accessing federal grants. The Commissioners asked the staff to discuss options and present alternatives. They expressed some reluctance to loan funds and be seen as setting a precedent.

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