Thursday, August 19, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 8-19-10

Ms Mccullogh absent. After routine business, Clancy Holeman, Dir of Admin Services, conducted an administrative work session. FAA reported to Ft Riley, which mentioned to the County, that KSU has permission to install a wind turbine on KSU property near Rocky Ford. KSU has not notified the County. The turbine is to be installed on the west side of Tuttle Creek Blvd. Other matter included a rezoning matter to be presented to Com,missioners and an issue with road and jobs sales tax.This session was started before stated agenda time and completed about 3 minutes after agenda stated time.
Debbie Regester, Register of Deeds, reported that her office has received approx $100,000 less to date this year than last year. There is more refinancing, but those do not produce much County revenue. There was only one $1million mortgage this month. Regester said her department is pleased with the new software company, and the conversion continues.. They also are continuing to commit all back files to electronic storage. One realtor reported an up-tick in sales; Charleson-Wilson (Titles) is busy mostly with refinancings. Mr. Kearns remarked that a probable drought in realty activity begins about now because of Army deployments, but by March or April should abate, when 18,000 troops are expected to return.This report took about 5 minutes of the 15 allocated for it.
Brad Schoen, RCPD Director, said the population of the jail has dropped somewhat since the high point mid-July. It will still be a record year. He said they are expecting an increase in jail population with the arrival of approx 20,000 students. Legal and court processes will cause the impact to hit about January, when they expect to be able to deploy at least 6 new correctional officers. These officers will be recruited starting first week of September, and will be trained by January. They are able to train only 6 officers at a time, so the other 5 will be trained after the initial 6, at which time they can use the entire new pod. Schoen said they have 120 applications for the few police officers they will be hiring.
Gary Rosewicz, Asst Co Engineer, conducted a bid opening foe replacement of Pickering Road bridge. Seven bids ranged from $309,758. to $418,104.30. The seven bids were accepted for consideration (2-0) and sent to staff for study and recommendation. Adjourned. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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