Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BOCC 12/13/10

Board of County Commissioners 12/13/10

All commissioners present

Rich Vargo reported on the year to date budget and expenditures. With 91.67% of the year completed, most departments are within budget . However, the Coroner, as an example, was budgeted for $26,923 but spent $36,868. Because unattended deaths are dealt with by the coroner and sent to Topeka for autopsy, there are expenses for transportation, autopsy, etc. Since the number of these deaths are hard to predict, budgeting will sometimes not be exact. .

During the Press conference, Tom Finney from the Council on Aging said that they get reports from 11 agencies around the county including the Senior centers in Riley, Manhattan, and Zeandale, RSVP, ATA bus, Meals on Wheels and the Silver Hair Legislature. The Council goes over their budget requests with them.

Leon Hobson told the Commission that the good planning of the Highway 18 project by the many stakeholders had resulted in the “Makes a Difference” award from KDOT and he presented the Commission with a plaque in recognition. .

Cheryl Collins said that as part of the Riley County /Manhattan Sesquicentennial in 2005, the RC Historical Society placed an historical marker in each of the 14 RC townships. The RC GIS Dept. has prepared a map showing where each of these markers are located.
She also remarked that when the striping for the Museum parking lot was done recently they also painted (in blue paint) the dimensions of the Steamship Hartford so that people could get a graphic idea of its size. Barbara Poresky had made this suggestion

Debbie Regester, Register of Deeds said that revenues were down $5,625 from last year at this time with both copy and records fees being lower. However the Mortgage Registration Tax was up. She said that her department is continuing to cross train the staff so each of the staff can do another’s work if necessary.

The hearing on amending the 2010 budget will be held Dec. 27 at 9:00 a.m in the Commission meeting room. There will be detailed budget information available at the hearing.

Julie Merklin, observer

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