Thursday, December 16, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 12-16-10

All Commissioners present. After routine business, Commissioners went into Executive Session to discuss evaluation of Leon Hobson, Director of Public Works/County Engineer. They then went into another Exec Sess to discuss evaluation of Greg McHenry, Appraiser.
Clancy Holeman conducted an administrative work session. They discussed appraisal questions relating to housing built in Riley County for people visiting Ft. Riley. They also came to agreement that Holeman should make efforts to get City Commission and local funeral directors to set up a definite base price for cemetery lots for unclaimed bodies that is fair to funeral directors and to tax payers.
Executive session: Robert Nall, Information Technology Director.
Brad Schoen, Director, RCPD, requested that Commissioners renew discussion of Consolidated Dispatch (911) Center, including financing options. Schoen said the personnel of the proposed center would probably be 3 County employees and 2 City employees (County has EMT system and Rural Fire Dept). Schoen noted that there may be changes on the Law Board after the spring election.
Executive Session: Dennis Peterson , Noxious Weed Director
Exec. Sess: Rod Meredith, Asst Public Works Director
Exec. Sess: Monty Wedel, Planning/Special Projects Director
Eileen King, Treasurer, reported on 2010 accomplishments in her department and 2011 goals.Mr. Kearns passed along a compliment to King and her "efficient, friendly" office.
Apparently there is to be a whole new system for Motor Vehicle licensing and registration to be installed July 1 to July 5. During this time there will be no availability of the office to the public.King expressed dissatisfaction with progress on this change. The new computers have arrived, but many urgent decisions have not been made. King said Joan Wagnon has been very helpful, but the (un-named) Motor Vehicle Director is doing nothing helpful, only delaying. One improvement King has requested is the ability to print titles that have no liens on them in the local office. All employees must be trained in the new system and pass a test (called a "summary exercise."King also mentioned that Kansas is one of the few States that does not title boats. She feels this makes theft recovery difficult. Banks also would like boat registration.
Mr Kearns noted that King will be President next year of the national association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers.
Rod Meredith requested permission to purchase a truck lift for approximately $115,000. The present system does not accommodate large trucks, ambulances, etc. Workers must lie on their backs on the floor, with trucks suspended on floor jacks. Meredith said they have a residue of the FEMA Grant reimbursement which would cover the cost. When the new shops were planned and built, they constructed the floor to accommodate such a lift, expecting to add it when able to pay for it. Johnette Shepeck, finance officer, when asked, said the FEMA grant would cover the purchase, avoiding a budget violation. Request Approved 3-0.
Commission planned another executive session. I left. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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