Monday, January 24, 2011

Riley County Commission

January 24, 2011

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners McCulloh, Johnson and Lewis present, McCulloh presiding.

The Commissioners voted to approve a letter to be sent to the Governor in support of the need for mental health services.

Commissioner Lewis initiated discussion on a suggestion by City Commissioner Bob Strawn to have the Law Board composed only of elected officials, specifically all City and County Commissioners and the County Counselor. Commissioner McCulloh gave some of the background on the issue. It was generally agreed to hold the issue for discussion at a later date when new City Commissioners take their seats and Commissioner Lewis has had a chance to familiarize himself with all the issues.

R.C. Museum Curator Cheryl Collins updated the Commission on activities planned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Kansas becoming a state. The first of six lunchtime lectures will be held Tuesday, January 25 at the Museum. Coffee and tea will be provided and people are invited to bring a brown bag lunch. The first lecture will deal with notable Kansas women with a Riley County connection. A birthday party will be held at the Historical Museum on Claflin from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 28. A special “sneak peek” at the newly restored Goodnow House State Historic Site will be offered. All interested persons are invited.

Planning and Special Projects Director Monty Wedel asked for direction in planning a 2011 retreat for the County. It was agreed to shorten the time to a half day and hold it in late May after legislative decisions are made. The retreat will focus on County funding needs, in particular department requests for new and replacement equipment backlogs.

Officer Tim Hegarty gave the Police Department update. There have been three minor damage accidents at the new roundabout at 4th and Bluemont which is a welcome reduction from the time before the roundabout was constructed. Some of the previous accidents resulted in serious injuries.

County Extension Director Jennifer Wilson encouraged eligible persons to apply for the earned income tax credit. Persons must file a federal tax return to receive the credit which they may be entitled to if they earn $48,000 or less a year.

County Clerk Rich Vargo noted Homestead Tax Refunds may be applied for at the County offices for persons earning $33,800 or less. This could be available to persons who own their home as well as those who rent.

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