Thursday, January 6, 2011

USD 383 Board of Education

Jan. 5, 2011
Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

Regular meeting:
The board approved 6-0 the construction documents for Roosevelt and Wilson Elementary Schools. Both schools will be adding an elevator. In other construction news, the construction projects were completed and the new spaces moved into over winter break at Amanda Arnold. The improvements planned for Bishop Stadium revealed that the current structure extends 2 feet over the property line onto property owned by Riley County, so that's a snag that will need to be worked out with the county.

The current Director of Maintenance and Transportation is retiring in June, and the board discussed the possibility of separating the position into 2 positions. Dr. Bob Shannon, Superintendent, was of the opinion that the current position is too much for one person to manage and needs to be divided into 2 separate positions, especially in light of the numerous construction projects increasing the district's overall square footage and number of systems. The directorship positions had been combined into one position at a time when the district was struggling financially, enrollment was declining, and buildings were closed. Nancy Knopp said that she was struggling with the thought of adding an administrator because the district is experiencing a similar financial hardship as it did when the positions were combined. Pete Paukstelis expressed similar thoughts about the timing of creating 2 positions, although he concurred that there is a need for them. Knopp and Doug Messer wondered if it would be possible to have a director and an assistant director or supervisor instead of having 2 directors. Dr. Shannon indicated that some funds were available in the transportation budget that could be reassigned for salary, and it might also be possible to eliminate a position that could then become one of the new, separate positions. The board directed administration to provide more information on funding for the 2 separate positions, the possibility of eliminating a position, and options for position titles.

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