Friday, June 24, 2011

BOCC June 23, 2011

Board of County Commissioners meeting
June 23, 2011

All Commissioners present.

Johnette Shepek, Budget and Finance Officer, presented the 2012 CIP budget for a work session. To provide background information, she said that the beginning cash balance in 2011 was $3,536,253. In January a budgeted transfer of $620,000 was processed; in July a payment of $250,000 plus interest will be received from Mercy Regional Health Center (for the sale of the Memorial Hospital facility) which means in 2011 total resources available is approximately $4,406,253. Expenditures and Lease/Debt payments are estimated to total $2,500,000, leaving a cash balance of $1,906,253. Bridge projects totally $970,000 are expected to carry over into 2012. The final payment for Memorial Hospital will be in July of 2012. With this revenue, total resources available in 2012 if $2,556,253, Expenditures that are budgeted will leave an estimated cash balance in CIP for 2012 of $1,074,891.

Shepek then explained in great detail the many items in the budget development worksheet. She said that budget work sessions should be finished by mid-July, the budget published in the newspaper in August , then hearings held and adoption of the budget August 25.
Bob Isaac, Planner, presented a request from Richard Brit for a plat and rezoning for 3.10 acres of property. The re-alignment of K-18 requires Britt’s Farm Market to abandon the current location and Brit wants to relocate to the proposed area with a new structure and rezone to allow a mixture of different but associated uses. After discussion the BOCC approved the request.

Julie Merklin, observer

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