Sunday, June 19, 2011

USD 383 Board of Education

June 15, 2011
Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

The board was presented with information for a development agreement with the city regarding moving and improving a portion of the sewer line for Bluemont Elementary. Part of Bluemont's sewer line is underneath the building and was established at a time when city codes allowed a building to be built on top of the sewer line. The western portion of Bluemont's sewer line does not currently have a building on top of it, but an addition is planned as part of Bluemont's construction project which would cover the western sewer line. Current code doesn't allow this, and so the western portion has to be rerouted. The new line will also be made larger to limit the possibility of backflow and to eliminate the need for an expensive "lift station." Bluemont is sited on a "public square," which means the city owns the land beneath the school. Nancy Knopp and Pete Paukstelis thought the city should waive inspection fees for the sewer line since the city owns the property. Other board members agreed. The board approved 7-0 to make the sewer line improvements and to ask the city to waive inspection fees.

Dave Colburn made the suggestion that board members who are interested in serving as vice president or president for next year should state their interest at the June 29th meeting. Colburn hoped this would make the process of selecting president and vice president more transparent. Other board members thought it was a good idea and should be continued in future years.

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