Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riley County Commission August 25, 2011

Joan Strickler,observer

All Commissioners present, McCulloh presiding.

Robert Nall introduced the Commissioners to the newly installed communication system in the Commission room. The system allows for persons with hearing impairments to use amplification ear pieces and generally improves hearing for all persons attending meetings. A new video system allows more detailed visual presentations to be made.

The McGrath Consulting Group currently is working at the Health Department to prepare a salary reclassification analysis of employee positions. Commissioner McCulloh suggested this would be a time to consider restructuring the Health Board. Commissioner Lewis agreed suggesting it might serve a more advisory role.

County Attorney Barry Wilkerson introduced a new attorney in his office, Barry Disney. Disney had previously worked in the office of Sedgwick County Attorney Nola Fulston and in the office of Attorney General Steve Six.

Wilkerson said large cuts to the coroner’s budget in Shawnee County and the resulting resignation of their coroner will impact Riley County. Some of Riley County’s autopsies have been done in Topeka and now would have to be sent to Kansas City. Wilkerson said his office is dealing with four homicide cases at the present time. Problems continue in dealing with persons with mental illness. Due to the lack of hospital space many of these people are in State prisons or on the streets. His office is experiencing delays in bringing cases to trial since the KBI is very slow in evaluating DNA samples and completing fingerprint analyses.

The date for the public hearing on Riley County redistricting has been set for Monday night, September 12, in the Commission Chamber.

Human Resource Manager Cindy Volanti reported department heads were requesting more feedback from the Commissioners on their evaluations. Commissioner McCulloh suggested Riley County initiate a process utilized at K-State. Once every five years the staff in a department would be asked to evaluate their department head. It was generally agreed to initiate such a process.

Assistant County Counselor Craig Cox discussed plans to repave Lakewood, Driftwood and High Meadows Subdivisions. Each area will have a petition filed of the intent to repave subject to protest. To defeat plans for the repaving, more than one-half of the owners of property in the area must sign a protest.

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