Monday, September 26, 2011

Riley County Commission 9/26/11

Joan Strickler, observer

All Commissioners present, McCulloh presiding.

It was reported that a property has been listed for sale in the Fairmont Park area. Commissioners generally agreed to pursue the possibility of obtaining it.

Public Works Director Leon Hobson urged Commissioners to maintain control of his department’s financial arrangements within the existing department structure. Consideration was given to transferring some responsibilities to the County Clerk’s office. Public Works will soon be moving from the county office building to the shop site on Tuttle Creek Blvd. Commissioners asked Hobson and County Clerk Rich Vargo to come up with some issue considerations and recommendations. It was agreed to discontinue providing taxi coupons since the aTa bus is now operational.

Riley County Police Captain Tim Hegarty reported a major arrest was made last week of a person believed responsible for recent burglaries occurring in Manhattan. He said one repeat offender can be responsible for most such crimes in an area. Traffic problems on K-18 will probably continue for the next three years due to the extensive highway construction now occurring.

County Treasurer Eileen King wished to remind people that they can get their driver’s licenses renewed at her office. Official identification cards can be obtained as well. There is a $2 service fee for the license renewals. Beginning November 30th, all counties in Kansas will be transferring over to a new statewide vehicle registration system. They will be unable to process the renewals or registrations for a week beginning December 1.

Museum Director Cheryl Collins announced Tuesday, September 27, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the Goodnow House State Historic Site (2301 Claflin) and the Wolf House Museum (630 Fremont) will celebrate re-opening after extensive interior work in both historic homes. Birthday cake will be served at the Museum in honor of the Goodnow House’s 150th.

A Healthy Homes Healthy Families program will be held from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on October 1 at Pottorf Hall in Cico Park. Radon detectors will be available for purchase. Problems involving mold, lead, carbon monoxide and pesticides will be discussed.

Persons recently purchasing property in Lakeside Heights brought concerns to the Commissioners regarding lack of proper waste disposal options there. Due to the inadequacy of the current system and lack of alternative waste disposal solutions, the new owners have approached the University Park advisory board about tying into their system. That board has voted against making that recommendation to the Commission. Representatives from University Park, the Health Department and county staff discussed the problems. The Commissioners encouraged the new owners to see if other Lakeside Heights residents would be interested in working to find solutions together, or in arranging agreements with University Park.
Commissioner McCulloh stressed again the need for building codes in rural areas of the county.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman reviewed the very broad statutory responsibilities given to County Health officials. Commissioners will be studying such issues extensively as the county assumes full responsibility for the Health Department next January. Concerns were expressed about current living arrangements for immigrant workers on Britt’s Farm.

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