Thursday, October 13, 2011

Riley County Commission mtg 10-13-11

Mr. Johnson was absent.

Eileen King, County Treasurer, gave monthly financial reports. The interest on one-year investments is 0.30%, and the interest on the checking account is 0.02%. Earnings so far this year are $142,144.41, which is 71.07% of the budget for the year. Sales tax revenues are healthy and are over $2,295,000, which is 95.62% of the annual budget. Motor vehicle tax collections are at 82.72% of the budget. Ad Valorem tax collections are at 97.45% of the budget. Ms. King said there is every indication that the county will have income to meet budget estimates.

Clancy Holeman, Counselor/Dir. of Admin. Services, conducted an administrative work session. Holeman and Leon Hobson, County Engineer, discussed their meeting with township officers, KSU representatives, KCC, and Westar officials concerning utility poles at College and Marlatt Avenues. They are seeking alternatives to moving the poles. Each pole has a cost of $100,000 and consists of steel with a concrete apron, set 30 feet into the ground. Apparently, the poles are not actually on the county's right of way but are deemed hazardous. KCC has no jurisdiction because the lines do not carry sufficient power.

Holeman said he is preparing the charter resolution for the new Board of Health. It will be presented to the present board for discussion on October 26. The charter requires two publications at intervals with time following publications before it can be adopted. One question of vital importance is the position, powers, responsibilities and enforcement procedures for the Health Officer, who becomes a crucial actor in case of health emergencies (e.g. epidemics). Commissioners felt the Health Officer must be given enforcement power in cooperation with the RCPD. Composition of the Health Board, which will on January 1 become only advisory, should continue to include medical professionals such as doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, veterinarian, etc. as well as expert or experts on public health. Holeman will attempt to assemble a final draft in good time, although if the deadline of January 1 is missed, the board will function under the old rules.

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