Tuesday, April 10, 2012

County Commission April 9, 2012

County Commission April 9, 2012

All members present.

The Commission endorsed a resolution asking the governor’s administration to exempt the proposed system for long-term care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Jan. 2013 implementation of Medicaid managed care and that they maintain the current state/community developmental/disability system for administration, dispute resolution and appeals.  They ask for a reconsideration of how the proposed savings on long-term care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can be achieved with Medicaid managed care without reducing benefit levels, provider reimbursement or eligibility. They also ask that proposed venders of managed care be vetted for history of fraud, abuse of public funds, customer satisfaction, timely reimbursements for services rendered and improved health and financial savings outcomes.

A citizen asked the Commission about the KPL substation going in along Purcell Road and the problems being caused. A staff member chatted with him about his concerns outside the Commission room.

Rich Vargo, County Clerk, presented the year-to-date budget and expenditure reports.

Johnette Shepek, budget and finance officer, presented the 2013 budget baseline which will be used, along with previous years’ figures in forming the new budget. Commissioner McCulloh hoped that departments which were able to spend less than budgeted this year will not be penalized in forming new dept. budgets.

In her report, Cheryl Collins, Museum Director, announced that the Wolf House 4th grade tours will be April 23-25 and on April 29 from 2 to 5 p.m., the public will be able to enjoy an open house to see the special demonstrations. Admission is free.
Julie Merklin, Observer

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