Sunday, April 1, 2012

Public Health Board Report

Report of the meeting of the Interim
Riley County Public Health Advisory Board
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A bare quorum of five members of the Interim Public Health Advisory Board met to finalize the organization of the actual Advisory Board for the Public Health Department. Brady Burton, the former president of the board, Karen McCulloh, Paul Hesse, Barbara Sollner, and Deb Nuss were present. Clancy Holeman, County Counselor, arrived later in order to provide guidance on the charter which authorizes the formation of the board. Susanne Kufahl, Public Health Department Administrator, completed the membership. A new arrangement of the chairs in a semi-circle facing the public greatly improved the ability of the public to hear what members of the Board were saying, and thus, actually provided a true open meeting.

The charter was felt adequate with the changing of the word "nurse" to "registered nurse," though it was noted that it can be amended by the board as needed. The number of members is to be nine, with members representing health professions and schools and the rest from the public. Consideration may also be given to including a representative from social workers. A total of nine members was decided upon as being a good size for a working group. It was suggested that the term be three years and that they be staggered so that there would not be all new members at one time. Discussion of term limits led to suggesting two terms, with the feeling that involving more people in the Public Health Department would be advantageous. Discussion also determined that a secretary and treasurer would not be needed as that work would be done by staff. Officers would be a chairman and a vice chairman who would be chosen at the first official board meeting. These will be changes to the by-laws as presented. The meetings would be the last Wednesday of each month commencing at noon.

Thus, the Interim Advisory Board has completed its work. It will be up to the County Commissioners to appoint the members of the actual Advisory Board.

Sue Cohen: Riley County/Manhattan League of Women Voters

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