Wednesday, June 18, 2014

County Commission June 16, 2014

BOCC June 16, 2014

All commissioners present

The Commission convened as the Health Department.

Brenda Nickel, director of the Health Department presented a comprehensive report on expenditures for her department.

The Commission  was informed by the school district that the summer free and reduced lunch program that had been extended to the Health Department site was discontinued at that location after only three days because of lack of participation.  One reason suggested was probably lack of publicity about the new site and it was felt that it was eliminated too quickly.

The Commission re-convened as the BOCC

Eileen King gave the June staff report.  Total assets were $54,574,287.45 and the total liabilities and fund balance was the same.

Eilrrn King announced that a presentation on Commercial Vehicle Regulations would be given on Wed June 25 at the Courtyard  by Marriott in Junction City from 1 pm to 3:30.  

Julie Merklin, observer

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