Thursday, September 16, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 9-16-10

All Commissioners present. After business meeting, Clancy Holeman conducted an administrative work session. Karen McCulloh was appointed the County's representative on the Board dealing with Transit implementation. Holeman reported other items.
9:35-10:00 break.
Jennifer Wilson, Extension, reported an inquiry from a local organization about using parts of County-owned land to build a horse park. The land in question is the proposed future site of the County Fair. Commissioners agreed that there is not sufficient acreage for both projects. They are amenable to the concept of a horse park, and wished to keep the kialog open, perhaps encouraging the organization to purchase adjoining land. Wilson introduced two Extension employees who discussed their school enrichment program. This program was used in every USD 383 school last year. It is adapted to the science curriculum, and teachers are happy to use it. A current project deals with the development of tadpoles into frogs.
Brad Schoen, Director of RCPD, explained the new insurance coverage the department is putting into effect. It has better coverage and lower cost. The jail population is holding since the drop in midJuly. It is currently 110. He also mentioned HVAC problems in the new pod, which are being dealt with, and the efforts to help fraternities and KSU administration to cooperate with City ordinances on noise. RCPD is developing good relationship with KSU people.
Rod Meredith, Public Works, conducted bid opening for one half-ton truck. There were three bids. Commission accepted and referred them to staff for evaluation and recommendation. (3-0)
10 minute break.
Meredith conducted bid opening for one bridge plank. There were two bids. Commissioners accepted and referred them to staff for evaluation and recommendation. (3-0)
10 minute break.
Johnette Shepek, Budget and Finance Officer, as chair of a committee of County Dept heads studying Inmate Medical insurance coverage, reported their tentative findings. They have compiled a list of what is needed, including personnel and services. A suggested cost was felt to be too high, but the cost seems to be negotiable with the company that has expressed interest in providing coverage. Shepek pointed out that other counties of comparable size have 3rd party provision. The County hopes to start the program on Jan 1. Commissioners voted 3-0 to approve the concept that they request development of a proposal for health care for RCPD.
Cindy Volante, Human Resources Manager, distributed to Commissioners the plans for the Training Day for employees on Columbus Day, when County offices will be closed. Several guest presenters have been acquired.
Mr. Holeman requested a 5-minute Executive Session. Granted. Adjournment assumed. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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