Monday, September 20, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 9-20-10

All Commissioners present. After business meeting, Rod Meredith, Public Works/Parks, updated Commissioners on Fairmont Park project, the Casement Trail, proposed sprinkler system (for grass area near Shop building), and effort to find new company to provide Natural Gas Fueling System. Previous company went under. One gas-powered truck has proven more fuel-efficient than gasoline powered similar vehicles, and is very powerful. Meredith said natural gas is very good for vehicles in limited ranges e.g. tractors, mowers, etc. but not for highway use yet because of fueling limits. Natural gas tanks require a lot of space, so range is limited.
9:10-9:30: Break.
Susie Kufahl of Riley County Health Department said they now have flu vaccine, which includes H1N1 along with seasonal flu. All people over 6 months of age should have the vaccination. No appointment is required; they accept any and all insurance. Children under 18 FREE. There will be a vaccine clinic at the Armory on Levy Drive in October. Cost is $25 or insurance.
Andrea Feldkamp, 4-H specialist, Extension, reported on Kansas State Fair results for Riley County participants. RC 4-H Club members performed excellently in many categories. Full results are availaable at and click on $4-H Reslts from the Kansas State Fair."
Leon Hobson, RC Engineer, reported progress on Pickering Rd Bridge and Eureka Drive.
Commissioner McCulloh said that anyone can find out the estimated monetary value of any tree at give zip code, type of tree and diameter. Most value is calculated as fuel costs for heating and cooling.
Commissioner Kearns reminded that November 11 is Veterans' Day. The Flint Hills Veterans Coalition will provide a breakfast at the VFW for $4. At 9:30 local schools, Ft Riley, bands, floats, old vehicles, etc will parade on Poyntz. Coalition members will be visiting retirement homes to visit veterans and will make presentations at local schools. They are devising a new program to provide scholarship help to KSU for veterans. Kearns urged citizens to attend a Coalition meeting Wed 9:30 a.m. at Chamber of Commerce building at 5th and Poyntz, and volunteer.
9:55-10-10: Break.
Clancy Holeman, County Counselor, conducted an administrative work session. He and Commissioners were disappointed in a response from Senator Brownback indicating that he considered the provision of broadband to rural areas to be an issue of too much Federal regulation, seemingly not necessary for rural people.
Commissioners discussed several other matters.
Leon Hobson said they had asked for bids on resurfacing the parking lots at County Historical Museum and Law Enforcement Center. Staff felt that a thin overlay was the most economical and stable and strong method, in the long run, although slightly more expensive initially. After discussion, Commissioners approved the method, 3-0. Commissioners felt sources of funds would be adequate.
Hobson recommended acceptance of the Shawnee Mission Ford bid of $30,111. for a half-ton 4X4 pickup truck. Accepted 3-0. Hobson discussed other projects.
Adjourned 10:50. Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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