Thursday, September 23, 2010

Riley County Commission mtg 9-23-10

All Commissioners present. After routine business, Leon Hobson discussed carpeting replace-ment in County buildings. A representative of Regional Council from Topeka will meet with County and City officials Sept 24 at 9:00 at the Shops to discuss KDOT projects ("T-works"). Not all those projects deemed worthy can be done on the present budget. Riley County's main concern in this is K-18.
Johnette Shepek, Budget and Finance Director, gave monthly report on several funds: CIP, County Building, Economic Development, and 1/2-cent Sales Tax Fund. A couple of these funds will require budget amendments at a later time, but none are alarmingly depleted.
9:20-9:35 Break
Robert Nall, Information Technology Director, gave a monthly update on his department. They are 98% finished with the "Orion" project: transferring to new system. Nall said he is glad Riley County has inhouse system in view of the recent (possibly ongoing?)service disruption of the State system. Also, the telephone system will be converted to a digital service. ATT has been notified. PBX hardware will no longer be necessary. There will be a 15-20% saving in the annual cost. A landline will be retained for emergencies (power outage, batteries dead, backup on-site generators out of fuel, for instance). They will rewire the Courthouse and Carnegie Building this winter.
Clancy Holeman conducted Admin Work Session. Requested executive session. Ten minutes. Holeman presented a revision to the County cell-phone policy of the County not providing cell phones to employees, but providing allowances for cell service on user-owned phones. Both Emergency Medical Services and Community Corrections have reason to need County-provided phones. Approved by consensus. Holeman will draw the legal document and bring for their approval.
10:00-10:20 Break
Commissioners opened bids for Office Building Standby Power. Three bids were submitted as "Base Bid" plus "Alternate 1 addition." They accepted the bids 3-0 and referred them back to staff for examination and recommendation. Commissioners discussed other routine business matters not on the agenda.
Clancy Holeman presided over a discussion of policy on City annexation of County roads. The statute states that the County may at any point request the annexation of any road that is contiguous to City land, land that receives City services. The County simply submits a legal description of the road and requests annexation. City is legally bound to annex. But questions arise for "island" annexations (roads not contiguous to City). Several options were discussed. Commissioners pointed out that at present discussions with the City on this issue have been dealt with in a cooperative, cordial manner. But in the future this might not be the case. Therefore, they felt a definite policy needs to be worked out.
Commissioners discussed timing of the 1/2-cent Sales Tax ballot question. Apparently the original measure was stated in such a way that County is required to bring it up for voter approval (or not) again before it expires. It remains in place until 2012. April 2010 was deemed not a propitious time. It could be done August (primary) 2012, Spring 2011, or by special election (expensive). The City has expressed wish to complete an Economic Development study before agreeing to a ballot measure. By consensus, Commissioners decided August 2012 was the best time. Then if it fails, the County alone cn request 1'4-cent sales tax for roads and bridges only (quite vital) in November.
Adjourned . Submitted by Lyndal Nyberg.

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