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County Commission October 14, 2010

BOCC Oct 14, 2010
McCulloh and Kearns presesnt

Commissioner Kearns went to a meeting where representatives from emergency services, the Crisis center and KSU discussed the need for emergency nurses in the ER to receive specialized training that involves collection and preservation of evidence from victims in cases of rape. This is vital so that DNA and other evidence is preserved for prosecutions and trained nurses are key in this procedure. In the past, funding for this training came from forfeiture funds but outside firms are handling forfeitures and the existing funds are low. There is a need for $2000 to tide the program over until next year. The Commission voted to give $2000 for this training.

Ty Warner, the new Executive Director for the Flint Hills Regional Council, gave a short update on the main goals of the Council. He explained that the funding right now is from the Office of Economic Adjustment and this will last 3-5 years. His office will be somewhere at Ft. Riley for a while but he still doesn't have a permanent office.
As those of us who heard Mr. Warner at Lunch With League know, he has a great deal to say and only was allotted 15 minutes on the BOCC agenda so this was a cursory but enthusiastic overview.

Eileen King, Treasurer, gave her monthly report. Sept. 2010 sales tax revenues were down 5.16% from August 2010, they were up 2.27% from a year ago. Year to Date sales taxes reported in Sept 2010 were up 4.96% from YTD reported in Sept 2009..

The Commission went into executive work session and had no business scheduled after that.

Julie Merklin, Observer

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