Monday, October 25, 2010

Riley County Commission Oct. 25, 2010

Joan Strickler, observer

All Commissioners present, Kearns presiding.

In considering the issue of providing for health care needs of inmates at the jail, Commissioner Kearns said it was his understanding that the police chief preferred to place a nurse on his staff and contract the rest of care out to Advanced Correctional Health Care. As submitted, the Advanced Care proposal would be to provide its own nurse. The Commissioners questioned the wisdom of separating the nurse operation from the entity under contract, particularly the legal implications should disagreements occur between the nurse and ACHS.

Jerry Haug, with the Kansas Department of Transportation, gave an update on construction activities on K-18. Traffic will be disrupted on K-18 east of Ogden as trucks hauling dirt work from the hours of 7:00 pm to 5:00 am beginning Sunday. The disruption will last approximately three weeks. Lights and flag personnel will be on hand to direct traffic during these hours.

Tim Haggarty, with the RCPD, reported crime statistics for September were about 5% below last year. Nationally, and in much of Kansas, crime statistics appear to be rising. Most criminal activity in the County involves property crimes.

Assistant County Attorney Craig Cox reported taxes, interest and costs on 103 of the 127 parcels of land up for tax auction were redeemed prior to the auction thus bringing $183,704.23 to the County. All remaining 24 parcels were sold. Tax sale proceeds amounted to $22,699.00 totaling $206,403.23in tax collections.

Johnette Shepek said the County’s 2011 budget is now available online. The 76 page document covers all anticipated revenue and expenses for the coming year.

County Clerk Rich Vargo encouraged voters to pull up sample ballots available on the County website. Two constitutional issues will be voted upon as well as candidate elections and judge retentions. A reported 2666 advanced voters have been counted as of the morning of October 25. One constitutional issue involves adding specific individual gun rights to the State Constitution and the other would remove the power of the State Legislature to deny voting rights to persons with mental illness.

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