Monday, October 18, 2010

Riley County Commission Oct. 18, 2010

Joan STrickler, observer

Commissioners Kearns and McCullogh present, Kearns presiding.

Assistant Public Works Director Rod Meredith provided an update on several projects. Work is expected to begin on preparing an area for a playground for children at Fairmont Park. Also, a river trail is being developed at the park that will extend for approximately a mile and tie into the hotel/convention center to be located in the new downtown development. Some brush and trees will be cleared at 100 foot breaks to provide “vista” sights of the river as people walk or drive along the area.

Only one bid was received for inmate medical services at the Law Enforcement Center. Advanced Correctional Health Care out of Peoria, Illinois submitted a bid containing three options for services. Staff will review the proposals.

R.C. Historical Society and Museum Director Cheryl Collins reported the Wolf House Museum will close November 1 for restoration work. Funds from the Caroline Peine Charitable Foundation amounting to $10,000, matched by gifts from Friends of the Wolf House and a generous donation from Steve and Debbie Saroff, have made the restoration possible. The parlor and upstairs west bedroom will be authentically historically restored with an 1880’s interpretation of Manhattan home life.

October is National Arts and Humanities Month. AHA! Manhattan is an association of over thirty Manhattan area organizations wishing to create connections through art, humanities and natural history. For further information contact Cheryl Collins at 785-565-6490.

The emergency management and fire chief for Riley County, Pat Collins, reported a banquet honoring volunteers will be held December 11. He encourages ranchers to consider doing their spring burns early in January and February in an effort to minimize the environmental impact of large-scale spring burns. Such a smoke management effort would help to reduce the impact of spring burn smoke that can range as far as St. Louis or beyond.

Commissioner McCullogh is serving on the Kansas Environment, Energy, and Land Use Steering Committee. The group formulates positions on various issues and refers them to a national committee which presents these to the President and Congress.

A County tax sale will be held October 19. Approximately 14 bidders have pre-registered with others expected to appear prior to the auction.

Advance voting will end November l. Requests for mail in ballots are currently being accepted.

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