Monday, June 24, 2013

Riley County Commission June 24, 2013

Joan Strickler, observer

Riley County Commission June 24, 2013

All Commissioners present, Lewis presiding.

The Commissioners indicated interest in adding the CASA program to the County’s internet system.  They asked Robert Nall, director of internet services, to bring a CAR to the next meeting that will spell out the details.

It appears the County’s tax revenue picture remains positive.  However income from utilities taxes is down, affecting Riley and Leonardville in particular.  The switch to cell phone use has adversely impacted utility tax receipts.  Following a later discussion Commissioners agreed to plug into County 2014 budget projections a l.5% increase for salaries.

Dr. John Leatherman, Professor and Director of the Office of Local Government in K-State Research and Extension, presented a report on fiscal conditions and trends in Riley County.  His department provides similar reports for all Kansas counties.  According to Leatherman Riley County’s fiscal condition, adjusted for inflation, looks very positive.

Cheryl Collins, director of the Riley County Museum, encouraged people to attend a brown bag discussion on the traveling exhibit “Americans by Choice:  The Story of Immigration & Citizenship in Kansas” with a focus on Riley County’s immigration history.  The discussion will be held over the noon hour Thursday, June 27, at the RCHS Museum.   The exhibit itself is now located in the Town Center mall.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman provided Commissioners with a proposed letter to send to the State requesting concealed carry exemptions for all buildings owned by the County.  He encouraged Commissioners to be very inclusive in the request since it appears failure to include a building in the request for short term exemptions may negate any possibility of requesting a long term exemption for that building in the future.  It was pointed out that only with the exemption is it possible for employees to be restricted from carrying concealed weapons.  Currently County employees are restricted from carrying such weapons while performing their County work duties.


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