Saturday, July 30, 2011

County Commission July 28

BOCC July 28, 2011

All Commissioners present.
The official hearing on the budget will be at the regular August 15 meeting. The budget will be published in the Mercury before the hearing.

Commissioner McCulloh reported on the Riley County Health Board meeting she attended on Wednesday and said that there have been some applications for the position of head of the dept.

Barry Wilkerson, County Atty. said that his dept. has hired a new attorney to replace one that left. With school beginning there will be more activity to deal with. The stresses of the heat this summer has had the effect of increasing the number of people with mental health problems and resources at Ossawatomi are limited. They can only keep people in the hospital a few days and then must return them to their community with the result that they often end up being kept in jails. There are no tax savings, and no help for these patients or the communities they return to.

Robert Nall, information tech director, told the commissioners that the Health Dept. computers will eventually have to be replaced – they have a mix of machines acquired over time when grant money was available. It will be much more efficient when all are the same as the rest of the county computers, upgrades can be coordinated and repair simplified in the future.

Jennifer Wilson, County Extension Director reported on the county fair. It went well despite the heat. There were 398 open class entries, up 38 from last year. The commercial/organizational booth spaces sold out, generating $9670. These funds will be set aside to help pay for fair grounds improvements.

Steve French reports that the Kaw Valley Rodeo Association had no problems with beers sales (as far as violations of minimum age, etc.) the total attendance for the Rjodeo was 5027, up slightly over the five year average of 5015.

The 2012 Fair is scheduled for July 26-30

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