Monday, July 25, 2011

Riley County Commission July 25, 2011

Joan Strickler, observer

All Commissioners present, McCulloh presiding.

It was announced that the Garrick Company currently is giving a demonstration on pulverizing wood for the County. Staff is impressed with early results on how quickly the pulverizing is occurring.

During public comment, a request was made to record meetings and make copies available to the public. Commissioner Lewis said the Commission is in the process of installing an improved communication system to assist with hearing but that the approved minutes of meetings stand for the public record.

Jennifer Hancock with the SMH Company reported on the results of her drainage study of the Valleywood development. Apparently water is not draining from the housing area and mosquitoes are a big problem. Hancock presented two alternatives for dealing with the drainage. One would be to build concrete flumes and the other to build yard drains. She recommended yard drains which would be lower cost and less intrusive on property. Costs would fall on the township residents, not the County. A public meeting will be scheduled in September.

At the press conference it was reported that the County Fair is going well despite the heat. No problems were seen as a result of allowing beer at the rodeo.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman suggested some dates in October to try to schedule a conference with local legislators. He will check with them and get back to the Commission. He suggested a possible concern would be any move to change the RCPD funding formula. Commissioner McCulloh noted the Governor’s proposal to gradually eliminate income taxes could result in shifting more costs to local government.

Recently the Court of Tax Appeals has proposed a large increase in court fees. Charges currently in the $100’s would increase to the $1000’s. While the County has no control over the Court’s proposals, Holeman said Commissioners might receive some complaints.

A public meeting has been scheduled to hear a resolution to vacate Pleasant Hill Road. No properties will be denied access in the process. The Commission voted to approve the resolution. A second resolution would repeal County daycare requirements due to the passage of a new State law now making the County regulations redundant. Commissioners approved the resolution. According to Susanne Kufahl, with the Riley County Health Department, currently there are 22 registered daycare operations in the County.

Kufahl provided a map of the interior of Wharton Manor which now houses the Family and Child Resource Center. The facility is fully utilized except for one room. The Commission will tour the building on August 11. By consensus the Commissioners agreed to some working hour changes at the facility which are intended to provide access to families on an evening and, perhaps, on Saturday.

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